"If you can dream it, we can build it."



1. Local trees that have become aged out or removed due to various reasons are trucked back to our NC Wood Yard where they are sawed into slabs with our Peterson Dedicated Wide Slabber.

2. Slabs are stacked and strapped tight to air dry until moisture has reduced to an appropriate percentage.

3. Slabs are then moved to our custom wood shop where we flatten and clean both sides making them smooth.

4. From here the slabs are moved into a Hydronic kiln and heated until the internal temperatures are sufficient to sterilize the slabs from any uninvited guests.

5. Once the slabs are cured, we catalog them by species and size, large and special slabs have photos taken and stored for special projects such as large tables or customer requests.

6. When a piece requires a certain species of a given size, we select the appropriate slab and again bring it back into our custom woodshop. The slab is measured and the placement of the carving or custom work is documented on the slab.

7. Once moved to our Legacy Renegade CNC Machine the selected carving program is chosen, programmed and with the selection of the appropriate machine tooling we begin the 3D carving.

8. Once complete the slab is removed and brought into our finishing room. The carving is trimmed, detailed and sanded. Any requested details are added, we add paint, accessories or wood burning and the piece is then prepared for finish. Anywhere from 3-6 Coats of Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer is sprayed onto the piece.

9. Once complete we allow 1-3 days for the finish to cure, we cut mounting slots into the back for wall hanging carvings.

10. Nearing its completion, a custom crate is made with ½” and ¾” domestic plywood. Packed with sterilized fresh shavings. The carving is placed into the crate and shipped to its rightful owner.