If it can be cut - we have it. Custom lumber orders, huge lumber orders. We have it!


Custom Millwork

5 head moulder
36” wide helical planer
5’x10’ CNC services and slab surfacing.
Straight-line services

Call us to arrange the removal of precious timber near and dear to you. We will oversee the process from standing timber to a finished product of your choice. All processes are completed at our wood yard and in our custom woodshed.

Fabrication and finishing.

Email us today to set up an appointment.

Softwood scraps from mill available for bonfires $20 per pick up truck or trailer load.
You load a pickup we can load a trailer.

Rough sawn pine Prices are per linear foot.
1” Sawn thickness is 15/16” green
1” Dried thickness 7/8”
5/4 green is 1 3/16
5/4 dried is 1 1/8
Max length 20’